Vandreferie på Hærvejen

    Overnat nemt og billigt på den danske Camino

    The hiking and cycling route, Hærvejen, known as the Army Road or Ox Road, is a unique Danish cultural route which traverses some of Denmark's most beautiful scenery and historic archaeological monuments.

    Hærvejen was never designed.  It just happened. Several thousand years ago - before the railroad and cars - Hærvejen was Jutland’s main road.  People from all walks of life travelled on this route - pilgrims, looters, traders, drovers with their oxen, and kings with their armies.

    Hærvejen stretches from the northernmost part of Jutland to the German border and beyond. There are 2 walking trails: Frederikshavn-Padborg, Hirtshals-Padborg, and a cycle route from Frederikshavn-Padborg. (See ‘facts about the route’ below).

    The whole trip can be completed in about 18 days (cycle time: 17 days), depending on how far you hike or bike each day, and how many stops you make along the way. When you are on Hærvejen, you are away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you cycle or hike, you move at your own pace in peace and quiet with time to think, feel, reflect, and experience.

    Facts about the route:

    Hiking: Frederikshavn-Padborg 476.4 km.
    Hiking: Hirtshals-Padborg (493.7 km).
    The bicycle route: Frederikshavn-Padborg (450.8 km).
    The route can be completed in about 17-18 days.
    There are 15 Danhostels on the route.
    The route is divided into three regions: North Jutland, Jutland and Southern Jutland.