Follow the Danish Vikings' Footsteps

    Follow Viking Footsteps all over Denmark

    All of Denmark is packed with great Viking attractions which can be visited throughout the year. From rune stones and monuments to fortresses and genuine Viking ships. There is no other country which has as much Viking heritage as in Denmark. Come and live like a Viking, visit fortresses, adventure centres, museums, burial mounds and monuments all over Denmark.

    On the map to the left you can find all the interesting Viking sites in Denmark. They are marked in green.

    The blue markers show all Danhostels near Viking sites. Visit our exciting articles on Fossil Hunt and UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Denmark.

    Use the list of Danhostels below for direct booking.

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    UNESCO verdensarv i Danmark

    Fuld guide til alle de skønne UNESCO stedet i Danmark.

    Fossiljagt i Danmark

    Guide til de bedste steder i Danmark at lede efter fossiler.