Guide to Accommodation and Attractions in West Jutland

Unique scenery, experiences and the roaring North Sea awaits you
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Wind, Weather and Wonderful Expanses in West Jutland

When on holiday in West Jutland there will be many things to discover and experience each day.

Many Possibilities
West Jutland has many exciting experiences on the menu, so it might be difficult to choose whether to experience the amazing black leopards at Jutland Park Zoo in Herning or visit the infinitely long white sandy beach - with strong waves - which stretches hundreds of miles across the North Sea. You could try skiing, windsurfing, finding the right fishing rod to go angling in the sea, or viewing the fjords and the region's many islands. You could also spend a day in a national park, a bird sanctuary or take a night trip with the watchman on Ringkøbing's charming streets.
What about something to eat? Should the menu consist of world-class Nordic cuisine at one of Denmark’s fine restaurants, smoked fish in the scenic area of Hvide Sande, or a tasty pizza at one of the many shops in the area? The possibilities are endless.
With only a few km separating the various Danhostels - each with its unique charm and knowledgeable hosts - plan the optimal route from accommodation to attraction while on your holiday.

Mønsted and Daugbjerg Limestone Mines
Visit the world's largest limestone mine at Mønsted and the slightly lesser known Daugbjerg Limestone Mine close by. These are pieces of Denmark’s incredible history. Go underground and through the endless labyrinths. Listen to the sounds of the hardworking miners and the screeching bats which blend and create sensory impressions in the curved corridors and crooked mazes. If you are staying at Danhostel Viborg, you are not far from these exciting locations.

Fantastic Beaches
From Blåvand in the south to Hvide Sande further up the coast you will find some of Denmark's best beaches. They continue all the way along the west coast up to the beautiful area of Skagen. Visit Blåvand lighthouse and stand on Denmark's westernmost point. Experience the cosy environment at Blåvand Beach, an obvious trip when you spend the night at Danhostel Blåvandshuk which lies north of the village of Oksbøl. A little further north you will find the areas of Henne Strand and Nymindegab, favourite areas for winter bathers. Try the free sauna during the cold season when you spend the night at Danhostel Henne Strand. This beautiful area is close to Danhostel Nymindegab which boasts an adventure mini golf course known as Golf Park West. Finish your adventures at the cosy beach and harbour in Hvide Sande right by Ringkøbing Fjord. When you stay overnight at Danhostel Hvide Sande, you pay reasonable prices for great, relaxing surroundings.

Ringkøbing Town and Fjord
The cosy harbour town of Ringkøbing is one of the oldest and most well-preserved market towns with beautiful countryside along Ringkøbing Fjord. The old town centre with its square and church are picturesque and well-preserved. The town has been lovingly restored and large parts of the old town still exist. Tour the town centre and fjord and take advantage of free parking throughout the town. Make the most of all there is to see and sleep well at Danhostel Ringkøbing.

Bovbjerg fyr
Bovbjerg Lighthouse
The red Bovbjerg lighthouse located at Bovbjerg Cliffs (Klint) is a favourite tourist destination near the North Sea. Afterwards, take a dip in the waters below the cliff. After your swim, visit the café by the lighthouse and eat delicious food and buy local specialities. Bovbjerg Lighthouse is about 5 km from Danhostel Fjaltring and can easily be reached by bicycle.

Søby and Its Surroundings
Søby, located between Brande and Herning, is filled with beautiful scenery including Søby lake. At the eastern end of the lake is a small beach where you can swim in the summer. Take a trip to Søby Brown Coal Museum (Søby Brunkulsmuseum) and experience the protected area - 1,100 hectares - with sand dunes, brown coal pits and museums. South of the lake is a large forested area with lakes and meadows. These areas are close to Danhostel Herning or Danhostel Brande.